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Riches, Honor & Life Ebook

Elevated Living: Wisdom's Path to Wealth, Honor and Life.

*Video Teaching "Riches, Honor & Life" from the Wealth Series included with you donation.*

Receive a Biblical Foundation of True Prosperity!

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Unlocking Favor

Masterclass + E-book

Our final masterclass of 2023! It’s time to dive deep into the scriptures to unravel divine biblical favor leading into the new year. If you desire to unlock the secrets to a life filled with abundance, success, and blessings, this is your key.

"Favor for 2024" E-book included with masterclass.

Favor for 2024 E-book

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Let us believe and decree favor for the new year!  As we know, the number 12 is a perfect number representing God's power and authority. The number 24 is double twelve, an even stronger demonstration of God's strength. You will find many powerful decrees in this E-book that you will always have with you!

Witchcraft & the Occult Series

Watch Part 1 & 2 Now!

Witchcraft is a practice that involves the use of supernatural powers or magic for the purpose of divination, healing, and other activities. It is often associated with the worship of nature gods and goddesses. The Occult is a broad term that refers to any knowledge or practices that are hidden from the general public. Let's tackle the subjects of astrology, divination, magic, spiritualism & esoteric traditions.

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The Wealth Series

Our 3-part series discussing the biblical principles of wealth including the blessing, purpose, stewardship, power and dangers of wealth. 

Part 1: Wealth Transfer 

Part 2: Rich & Righteous

Part 3: Riches, Honor & Life

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The Cast Out Series

3 Part Series now available on-demand

    For those seeking deliverance and those who want to move more effectively in ministering deliverance. This intensive includes fundamental teachings to refresh your knowledge plus advanced teaching to expand your knowledge.

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Exposing False Ministries Series!

Watch All 3 Parts Now!  

False ministries are a growing problem in the world today and they come in many forms. They are dangerous and damaging. In this series, we will explore what false ministries are, how to identify them, and how to protect yourself and others from their potential harm with a focus on the spirit of seduction. Next up is Breaking Controlling Powers! 

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The Sin Problem

The study of the doctrine of sin (hamartiology) is almost a forgotten concept in the church, but is one of the most important. This book covers the subject from Genesis to Revelation. Every believer should be familiar with the problem of sin and it's cure. These concepts will dramatically change your life!

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The Bible: Book by Book

*Updated Version (4/13/23)*

A Bible Survey with John Eckhardt

Let's strengthen our biblical foundation starting with key figures and concepts. Updated with the New Testament!

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